Plastic moving boxes are very rapidly taking over the cardboard boxes in the moving industry. This slow yet obvious change has taken place due to various reasons. The most important 3 reasons are:

  • They are more durable
  • They are cost-effective
  • They are eco-friendly

However, some factors play a crucial role when you hire plastic moving boxes. These factors will tell you what you need to mandatorily inspect while choosing a plastic moving box.

  1. Has To Look Appealing

Plastic moving boxes are available in different sizes and colors. As its durability and consistency is beyond questioning, you have to ensure that it looks magnificent. Transparent plastic containers look classy and enable you to see through your goods while ensuring their safety, while colorful ones look great during the festivals.

  • Has To Be Of The Perfect Size

Plastic moving boxes come in different sizes. Picking the right size for transporting your essentials can prove important. They primarily come in four sizes – small, medium, large, and extra-large. Moreover, there is specialized padding avail in the boxes for distinguished items like mirrors, photo frames, lamps, dishes, etc. Thus, when you start to look out for plastic moving boxes hire you should get an overall list of all the items that need to be boxed and select the boxes accordingly.

  • Design Makes The Difference

There are several designs available in the plastic storage bins. They can be flip tops or snap tops but most importantly they are compact and resilient. However, the flip-top bins have an edge over the other designs as their lids remain attached to their frames, nullifying any chance of losing them while moving. These bins or boxes too come in different sizes and frequently have a capacity of holding even 12 gallons of items. They can be stacked up easily, without causing any damage to your products.

The snap-top plastic moving boxes on the other hand are furnished with removable lids which make the boxes airtight and water-resistant. They frequently are available with a maximum storage capacity of 180 quarts.

  • You Want Colored or Clear Boxes

Just imagine shifting during the Christmas holidays, it calls for some beautiful colors just to add some extra exuberance to the mood. Therefore, having your goods stored and transported in red or blue boxes might be a good choice. However, many of us prefer colorless or clear plastic moving boxes Sydney because it allows us to see the condition of the goods inside. They are also more in demand because extra clear boxes enable things to look more uniform and organized.

  • Check For The Handles

One reason why plastic moving boxes are becoming more popular these days is that most of them come with sturdy and easily controllable handles. This allows you to transfer your belongings with ease. Look for the plastic boxes for moving that have handles attached to the lid instead of the body of the containers. This makes it easier for you to lodge and dislodge the boxes. Remember, if you try to move heavy boxes by holding them by their lids, it poses the threat of slipping off as well as detachment and spilling off the goods inside.

After knowing what to look for in a plastic moving box, you now need to know where to look for them. Let us have a brief discussion about the top 5 companies providing plastic moving containers for rent.

Two Men and Van

They provide secure and sturdy plastic moving boxes for rent at affordable rates. Having operated in Sydney for years now, they are trustworthy and professional.

Koala Box

They are one of the excellent providers of plastic moving bins on hire. Their crates are sturdy and can be easily stacked up. They provide crates in different sizes at reasonable rates.

Star Moving Australia

They are one of the pioneers in the field of packing, moving, and storage. Their services are catered out all across Australia. Their boxes are easily available at minimal prices. 

Boomerang Box

Boomerang Box offers you all kinds of commercial and residential plastic crates on rent that are easily movable, sturdy, and affordable. They are long-time performers with high-rated dependability.

Premier Crate Hire

Moving can become a cumbersome affair with loads of backlogs including the anxiety related to the safety of our valuable belongings while shifting them. By switching over to plastic moving boxes we only make it easier, safer, and more comfortable for ourselves. It is time for us to get smarter by choosing the niftier options.

Their services are unquestionably reliable and attainable when it comes to providing sturdy and dependable plastic crates on hire. They are well equipped to transport all kinds of goods.


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