Most of us have been perpetually dealing with the issue of damaging roofs due to multiple reasons. One windy day and your 10 to 15 years old roof starts to show signs of cracks or loosening shingles. Additionally, there are issues of continuous exposure to the sun or clogging gutter that leads to leakage.

The most rampant thought that crosses our mind while we contemplate taking roof restoration services is the cost associated with it. The average cost of remodeling your roof is around $2500 to $3000 on an average. However, the cost, as well as the variables associated with it, totally depends on certain key factors. Today our article is going to throw some light on such factors.

  1. Scope of Repairing Your Roof

It very much depends on the age of your roof. If the shingle has aged more than 20 years and is showing signs of irreparable cracks and leakages, you have no other option than to replace your roof.  Moreover, roof restoration cost will also depend on the extent of damage which can be determined rightly by a professional. He will be able to tell you whether you need to go for extensive restoration or have to replace the roof altogether.

  • Type and Material of Roofing

Another deciding factor is what type of material the roof is made of. If you are keen on having a solar roof, you might have to spend a little more, however, it will help you save greatly on your energy bills. Metal sheets would be cost-effective and durable. It will certainly add a lot of life to your roof. Brickwork, terracotta, and concrete tiles are a few other sustainable and pocket-friendly options you may go for.

  • Type of Roofing and The Cost

Carrying forward from the previous point, it is easily inferable that the kind of roofing you are doing determines the cost of roof restoration. For example, asphalt shingles will cost lesser than metal sheets. The cost of roof repair will also greatly vary depending on the type of roof along with the material and estimated labor required to remodel it.

  • The Extent of The Damage

The size of your roof becomes a major determining factor while you decide upon roof restoration. If your roof is larger, it will attract more cost as more labor would be required to reconstruct it and mend its damages. Also, the larger the roof, the more materials are required to repair it, it’s just the opposite with the smaller ones.

The roofers use a certain measuring unit known as roofing square which is calculated by dividing the square foot of the roof by 100. Therefore, one roofing square will be equal to 100 square feet of materials used.

  • Accessibility to The Roof

A few constructions make it very difficult for the roofs to get to the roof. Therefore, the accessibility to the roof determines how much does roof restoration cost. The safety of attending to the damaged areas along with the number heavy equipment the roofer needs to carry are deemed as major determining factors.

  • The Labor Cost

One roofing company may charge you differently from another, this is because of the labor cost involved. If you are paying one contractor $75 on an hourly basis you may have to pay $100 to another for the same amount of work and for the same time. If your roof is highly damaged and the roofer thinks that he needs to employ more laborers, automatically cost will go higher.

  • Re-roofing Approvals

If more than or equivalent to 20% of the roof area needs to be replaced, you need to have a roofing building approval. This will influence the cost of your roof restoration. Moreover, if you are installing insulation or ventilation systems separately, the same rules apply. This calls for some extra spending at your end. Wherever such approvals are required, the roofers may charge you on a flat rate basis or the price may go high depending on the scope of repair.

  • Amount of Water Damage

You see, there is major water damage caused to your roof many a time. Many of those are easily visible to the naked eye, however many are not. So, when you look out for roof restoration near me, the professionals might provide you with one quote by inspecting your roof once, but later while repairing they may get to discover more latent damages which cause the roof to leak. A rotting sheathing resting between the shingles is one such issue a roofer needs to deal with later, after giving you the quote. Therefore, water damage may cause your roof restoration cost to go higher.

  • Updating The Attics

Some insulation to the attic causes no harm as doing the same helps you trap the air inside and also prevents the outside air to trickle in. This way it helps you save a lot on your energy bills. This may also incur so added costs to the roofing procedure. However, this cost can be divided between the roofing company and the insulation company respectively.

  1. Installing or Repairing The Chimneys or Skylights

If certain repair work is due on your skylights or chimneys or both, the cost will inevitablygo higher. These added activities will be charged somewhere between $1000 to $1600 more to your existing budget. Thus, you should stay prepared for the same as no one loves getting shocked.

With all this information, it is pretty clear that roof restoration services in Dandenong can vary from time to time and from one factor to another. Therefore, being prepared with some extra money beyond your budget may prove wiser.


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