If your niche is driving, and you have honed your skill for years. It’s time for you to consider taking up a career in training people of Newcastle, NSW to become better drivers. This dedicated article hovers around the question of how to become a driving instructor? in Newcastle, NSW? It also tries to answer the most important question associated with it, that is, how much one might earn in this profession on average? And, what should be the starting point for pursuing this career?

We have tried to answer all these questions from a driving instructor’s perspective as well as a trainee’s. Every trainee looks for the cheap driving lesson near me however wants the best services for each penny they spend, therefore, we have tried to help you understand a trainee’s point of view too.

So, without further delay, let’s delve into the most important part:

  1. Australian National Character Check (ANCC) is an accrediting authority that provides police checks driver licensing.  An NPC or National Police Certificate can be derived from an Australian post or any authorized organization. The list of accredited and authorized organizations is available on the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission website.

Points to be noted:

  1. An NPC should not be older than 3 months and remain valid for the duration of the application process.
  2. You will be needed to provide contact details of 2 individuals who are not related to you or have known you personally for the past 1 year at least.
  • For becoming a driving instructor, the next step that you need to follow is, you have to provide sufficient proof of your identity for the application.
  • The application form number E175 needs to be downloaded from the website of the Department of Transport and duly submitted there along with:
  • Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics or equivalent.
  • National Police Certificate
  • Application Fee ($101 approx.)
  • Proof of identity
  • To become a licensed manual driving instructor, you need to clear a theoretical as well as a practical assessment conducted by Registered Training Organization (RTO).

These assessments include:

  1. Certification in general driving instruction
  2. Two-wheeler driving instruction
  3. Heavy vehicle driving instruction
  • Thereafter, you need to submit the medical check-up form. After you do so, you will be tested for your physical fitness. The tests will be conducted by the Department of Transport.
  • After 10 working days from the date of form submission, the rest of your application will be processed. Thereafter, the authorities will call you for the practical test. This test will assess your standards of driving ability and your ability to train another individual.

Thus, to clear such assessments you may opt for a driving instructor course beforehand.

  • Once you clear the practical test, you need to pay off the driving instructor license fee. Please note:
  • After you have obtained the driving instructor license, you can start training others on driving and must carry the license everywhere you go for training.
  • Whenever you decide to advertise “book a driving lesson” you must mandatorily mention which vehicles you are authorized to train on.
  • If you decide to use a dual control vehicle for training, please ensure that it has the latest license issued.
  • Do unfailingly renew your driving instructor license annually.
  • Once you decide to withdraw from providing driving instructions or your license is canceled, expired, or misplaced for any reason do positively return the license to the Department of Transport within 3 working days.

Your chance to flourish as a driving instructor depends on a few crucial factors. When a trainee looks for a driving instructor near me, he or she will consider a few key points to analyzing the credibility of the trainer. Let’s briefly look into the points that become the deciding factor:

  1. Everyone will mandatorily look for a qualified instructor. Then, they also might evaluate you based on your experience.
  2. While they book driving lesson, they will also scrutinize your reputation in the market. They will go through the testimonials and also social media reviews.
  3. Areas you cater to might also emerge as the deciding factor.
  4. Make sure that your training vehicle has dual control whether it is an automatic vehicle or a manual one.
  5. Try to build a good rapport with your trainee. Remember, good friendly behavior will ultimately get you more learners.
  6. Lastly, the hourly cost of driving lessons across New South Wales is between $55 and $75 for an hour of training. Your experience and market value decide your rate.

Thus, it can be concluded that, in all likelihood, you can become a good driving instructor by following the rules laid out by the authority. How to become a driving instructor also depends on your zeal to teach other people the art of driving. Therefore, don’t wait and start your research today.


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