Australian roads are some of the best roads to drive on in the whole world, and with the due passage of time, it is only improving. However, Australia, strikingly, ranks 16th out of the 36 countries worldwide as per the data released by UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It is of immense importance that you know how to drive safely, judiciously, responsibly so that every individual on road, including yourself, stays safe. How to book a driving lesson? And why book one? The purpose of this article is just to answer these valid questions.

What To Look for In a Driving School?

There are certain qualities that you need to look for driving lesson near me before zeroing in on one and those are listed below:

  • Look for a school that has good professional instructors. The instructor should have a thorough knowledge, experience, patience, a calm head on his shoulders, and good teaching abilities.
  • The school should be equipped with all the modern technologies to teach you the nitty-gritty of safe driving. They should have a well-directed teaching module.
  • Make note that in a drivers training program 120hrs of logbook needs to be maintained mandatorily. Therefore, essentially, you need to check the training module in detailed comprehensive. The module should be updated and comprised of all kinds of components that help you drive safely on all types of roads.
  • Finally, you should be satisfied with the return-on-investment part. Driving has become a necessity in today’s world, therefore spending on it luxuriously does not make sense. Choose the one that offers you the best driving lesson packages.

Why Going for Driving Lessons?

Before you start looking for cheap driving lesson near me or top driving schools nearby, you need to convince yourself first that you require it. Let us discuss a few points below which will help you to make a decision.

  • Undoubtedly, there is no point dicing with death rather than playing it safe! A comprehensive driving lesson enables you to know the road rules, which eventually ensures your safety and also protects you from hefty fines while on road.
  • Before driving on any Australian road, you have to pass the road test which is only possible if you have taken lessons on driving. A daily practice under the guidance of an instructor makes it easier for you to clear the test without any hiccups.
  • Book driving lesson to stay Up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and regulations. A professional driving instructor will guide you through the instabilities associated with road rules.
  • Book a driving lesson for your friends. This might seem uncanny but what if you get to pair up with your best friend while taking your lessons? Won’t that be interesting? The advantage of having a friend around is, you not only get to learn from your own mistakes but also his.
  • A decent driving lesson reduces your recklessness and boosts your confidence. Thus, you avoid unnecessary risk yet stop panicking while driving on busy roads.
  • Having a certificate from a reputed driving school improves your chances of getting car insurance at lower rates. However, the rebate will entirely depend on your insurance provider.

Interesting Facts About Driving in Australia

  • Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and possesses 7.692 Km of drivable road.
  • When the Sidney Harbour Bridge was inaugurated in 1932 the cars used to pay higher toll taxes than the horses.
  • The number of vehicles on Australian roads equals the number of adults in the country – 17 million.
  • This onetruly qualifies as a fun fact that anaverage Australian drives 14000Km a year. Therefore, with around a 17million vehicles on road, an estimated 238 billion kilometers are covered each year. This means 20 times you can travel to Pluto and back with as much travel!
  • The longest highway in Australia is the Eyre Highway which connects WA to SA. It is the 2nd longest straight road in the world and measures 145.6Km.
  • Australia’s first car radio was fitted in 1924 by Kelly Motors.
  • The world’s first law on seatbelts was first issued in Victoria in 1970.
  • The male Lyrebird, native to Australia can accurately imitate the sound of car horns.

Considering every aspect, it is clearly understood that Australia is a country with serious Road laws. There are several driving schools in Newcastle, NSW to choose from. Evaluate the driving lesson cost, module, and the other facets and get yourself enrolled today If you too want to drive like a pro.

Hope our article could sum up as to how to book a driving lesson and the best one at it. We wish you emerge out as an adventurous yet responsible driver. Happy journey!


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