Whether we admit this or not, the bathroom is the only place where we do get to think a lot. Many of our thoughts and ideas get processed inside this place. ‘Shower thoughts’ in themselves are deemed as an interesting concept. Therefore, keeping such a vital part of your house is not only important for your health but also the right functioning of your mind.

In this article, we shall discuss some of the key aspects of how to clean your bathroom correctly.

Disorganize to Organize:

This is the first step of how to keep your bathroom clean. Remove all the used towels and rugs, shower products, and toiletries from the bathtubs, cabinets, counters, and bathing areas. Toss it all outside the bath, which will make it easier for you to clean it.

Sweep You Off Your Floor

The corners are ideal places for the spiders to infest. Get hold of a duster with a long handle and rid your bathroom of those creepy cobwebs. Similarly, gently clean the light fixtures and vents with that duster. Help yourself with a stepladder if those cobwebs seem to be beyond your reach. Once, you’re done, sweep and vacuum the bathroom floor. This is the primary step to understanding how to clean your bathroom properly.

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Clean As A Whistle

If you would like to know how to clean your bathroom tiles? Here is your answer, get hold of a floor cleaner, mix it well with a bucket full of warm water, and scrub the floor well with a mopper. Remember to use an acid-based floor cleanser only if it is conducive to your tiles.

April Shower, Brings May Flower

It is extremely important to keep your shower and bathtub clean. Use a multi-purpose cleaner and thoroughly rub and clear the shower tracks, vents, and shower doors and keep it soaked. Do keep in mind, that acid-based cleaners only work fine only if the built-up of your shower and bathtubis favorable with it.

Did You Have A Clean Sweep Yet?

Surfaces like the shelves, towel racks, blinds, windowsills, and mopboards need to be taken care of with absolute precision. Pour some multi-purpose cleaner on your sponge or microfiber cloth and wipe these areas thoroughly.  This process will also be helpful to understand how to clean your bathroom walls. Divide your work into sections and clean from top to bottom then left to right.

Go Down The Toilet

It’s high time that you clean up the toilet bowl. Pour some toilet cleaner into the bowl, let it settle for 5 minutes, then smother it well using a toilet brush. Flush of the residue and rinse it well. For persistent stains and pigments use baking soda instead of toilet cleaner. Clean the toilet seat, lever, and cover with the multi-purpose cleaner.

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Where The Boats Sink

Did you know that the bathroom sink is the home to most numbers of bacteria in the whole of your bathroom? So, if this information bothers you and you start questioning how to keep your bathroom sink clean? Or how to clean your bathroom sink drain? Don’t you worry! Clean the faucets, countertops, bowl or the sink, and the handles with a disinfectant using disinfecting wipes. To clean the drain, it is better to use baking soda.

Mirror, mirror, who’s the best

How to clean your bathroom mirror?Now that’s a valid question. The pieces hanging on the bathroom walls require regular cleanups. It might be a mirror or the shelves. They all require special treatments frequently. Either you can apply glass cleaners for your mirror or apply some DYI techniques like applying a mixture of vinegar and water on it and wiping the surface gently. The shelves and the other cabinets can be cleaned with a multi-purpose cleaner though.

Fanning Your Way Around

If you invest some more time out of your busy schedule and look deeper into the bathroom fans, you will get to see a thick residue of dust accumulated on the blades. This dust, eventually gets inside the bathroom, making it even dirtier. So, if you want to know how to clean your bathroom quickly yet efficiently. Slightly moisten a sponge and wipe the blades carefully. However, be careful about getting the electrical parts wet to avoid any accidents.

Wash Your Dirty Linens

Going back to the first point. Pick up those towels that you had thrown outside at the beginning, bleach, and sanitize them properly as they are also a hub for many harmful germs. After the sanitization process, wash them well in your washing machine.

Now, after the cleanup, if you still feel that something is missing, you can always opt for bathroom renovation Brisbane which is easily available at reasonable costs.

How to clean your bathroom? Is a pertinent question you should be asking more often as your area of retreat and thoughts should always remain prim and proper.


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