Whether it is about the decoration of your house or it is about its safety, roof tiles have been playing a major role in maintaining both. Therefore, tile roof restoration Melbourne is one of the foremost requirements of everyone looking for a roof remodeling or repair.

The history of tiled roofs dates back to 10,000BC when slate and clay tiles were used for the very first time in China to save the hose from water and fire. These materials were used primarily because of their local availability. Cut to the 21st century, we are spoilt for choices when it comes to good-quality roof tiles.

Types of Roof Tiles

If you are looking for the best roof restoration Melbourne, whether due to old age or damage of any kind, you may turn to tile roof restoration as they not only are aesthetically appealing but are also extremely resilient. Here we are enumerating 9 distinctive types of tiled roofs that you may choose from.

Slate Roof Tiles

For their beautiful appearance, slate tiles had always attracted homeowners’ attention throughout the world. They are natural stones providing durability to the roof. Nowadays, they are available in multiple colors that will add exquisiteness to your house. Slate tiles specifically are famous for affordable roof restoration Melbourne cost and their non-combustible characteristic. 

Metal Roof Tiles

Despite having some disadvantages like insulation issues and being susceptible to noise, metal roofs can prove extremely sturdy and lightweight. The most popular of the variants are aluminum and steel. They can be beaten into any shape and pattern and successfully can imitate slate tiles, wooden tiles, or shingle patterns. Metal roof tiles can be easily installed and often cost lesser.

Solar Roof Tiles

Solar roof tiles unlike solar panels help you cut down on your construction or roof restoration costs along with helping you to conserve more energy. The roof restoration company Melbourne would firstly dislodge the present roofing material and then place electricity-generating roof tiles that will be attached to an assembled battery system. This whole mechanism enables your roof to draw energy from the sun. Consequently, helping you cut down drastically on your energy bills.

It is, however, important to note that, the installation of solar tiles can only be executed by specialized roofers. Hence, if you are a goal-oriented and nature-loving house owner, you should opt for solar roofs and hire trustworthy and talented roofers for installing the same.

Composite Roof Tiles

These are one of the synthetic roof tile variants. They are an amalgamation of natural and man-made substances and exhibit enormously resilient characteristics which include temperature conducive capabilities and resistance to water and fire. They have also proven to be superior to clay, slate, concrete, wooden, or stone tiles. They can be shaped into many patterns and are available in various colors too.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles were first introduced in the 19th century. They are made of easily available materials which are cheap as well. Therefore, it gained major ground all over the world. They are sturdy and weather resistant. However, since they are extremely heavy, they require the foundation and construction of the house to be composite and equally conducive.

Clay Roof Tiles

One of the most readily available materials in the world makes clay tiles the first choice of roofers from very ancient times. Initially, they used to be shaped by hand, however, later machines were used to create them. They are extremely beautiful and are durable, high on insulation, weather-resistant, low on maintenance and have a longer lifespan. Notwithstanding, high brittleness and being heavyweight are two of the major issues that clay roof tiles exhibit.

Synthetic Slate Roof Tiles

These variants exhibit all the beauty that an original slate tile exhibits, without the hassle of being heavy and brittle. They easily come within affordable roof restoration Melbourne options. With these variants, you can bid adieu to broken tiles and water-clogged gutters. They are lightweight and can be designed in any shape and color.

Synthetic Spanish Barrel Roof Tiles

They are one of the most environment-friendly variants with a class 4 impact rating that ensures high resistance to strong winds. They are particularly perfect for areas where heavy snowfalls are experienced. They are highly durable with low maintenance. Moreover, they are non-combustible and fire-resistant too.

Synthetic Cedar Roof Tiles

A synthetic yet more beneficial variant of the cedar roof tiles. They are made of delicate compounds which give them their characteristic lightweight and sturdy built. Unlike the cedar tiles, they are not susceptible to breakage, cracks, split, or rot, neither they attract moisture or fungus. They are fire-resistant and visually appealing too.

Pro Roof Tiles

  • Roof tiles often are weather resistant.
  • Solar roof tiles and a few other variants help you save energy.
  • Maintenance cost is deemed low.
  • Have a longer lifespan.
  • Helps keep pests at bay.
  • Are more eco-friendly.
  • Available in multiple options and styles.

Con Roof Tiles

  • Usually, tiles are heavy.
  • They might cost you a little more at times.
  • Some of the variants require specialized installers.
  • Some variants are brittle.
  • The process of installation may get untidy.

A vital conclusion can be drawn out from this discussion that, unless you hire reputable roof restoration services Melbourne, a tile roof restoration can become risky. Nevertheless, tile roof restoration in Melbourne is one of the most ancient yet effective roofing mechanisms which is undeniable. Thus, contact your trusted roofer today to get the best roofing tiles for your house.


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