While the Dandenong rages are ready to welcome one of its coziest winter months, it happens to be also that time of the year when snow can pile up over your roof and create irrevocable damage.

There are several Roof Restoration Services Dandenong that offers you multiple interesting and trailblazing roofing styles you can opt for. This way you can give your roof a new look as well as a new life.

In this article, we shall discuss the top 10 roof designs that most of the Melbournians and the people of Dandenong are preferring in 2022. You can implement these designs on your newly constructed house else you can also consider these if you own an old house and planning to give the roof an amazing makeover.

Bonnet Roof

A bonnet roof comprises a steeped top surrounded by four sides. The base is much gentler that broadens gradually. It is more feasible as it gives good coverage at the edges as well as the porticos. This one holds a legacy of centuries as it was prevalent in the 1700s and has gained momentum over time all over again. This roofing style is extremely popular among people living in areas with harsh weather conditions as the name suggests, it gives your house added protection.

Box Gable Roof

You may verify with any roof restoration company Dandenong that there is no cheap alternative to box gable roofing. These have two sloping sides having triangular extensions that cover the entire house. It is also boxed towards the end. The main advantage of such roofing is its affordability, space it provides, weather resistance, aesthetic value, and easily changeable sloping.

Butterfly Roof

An aerodynamic structure, an inverted quirky look of a usual roofing model, two roofing surfaces dipping down to a slope from opposite points – this is what makes a butterfly roof. The primary advantages of these mid-century wonders are- that they stand particularly strong against high-speed winds, they are low on maintenance, easy drainage of rainwater, help you preserve the same too, and allow sufficient sunlight to enter the house. The disadvantage this roofing pattern poses is its complexity and the cost associated with it.

Clerestory Roof

In the case of a clerestory roof, there is a perpendicular wall standing between two slanted sides. The unique feature that this roofing pattern holds is, that it adorns multiple windows in a series between the sloping. The style is primarily asymmetrical. The principal benefit that a clerestory roof offer is a provision of added free space for artwork, mirrors, shelving, etc. This is because of the elevated window position. Moreover, this form of roofing is great for ventilation and privacy too. If you are looking for a stylish yet roof restoration Dandenong cost within budget, this has to be your deal.

Combination Roof

If you are comfortable with being experimental with your roof design you may choose to opt for a combination roof. This means combining two or more roofing patterns to extract the best out of them. The part about this roofing style is, that it allows you to choose your style and comfort by amalgamating multiple features into one. However, this roofing strategy too is not incorporated in the affordable roof restoration Dandenong.

Cross Gabled Roof

This roofing pattern consists of rooflines that intersect at an angle. It is often observed that the two crests are positioned vertically against each other. Mostly, it is also seen that the houses with cross-gabled roofs have a pretty complex plan. This roofing pattern provides you with immense space where you can easily house an attic or storage. Their drainage for rainwater also is exceptional.

Cross Hipped Roof

It is an eminent variation of the hip roof design which slopes on all four sides. It takes up an ‘L’ shape which is perpendicular to each other at the ridges. These structures are stable and sturdy therefore, provide excellent protection against strong wind. Water drainage too is provided par excellence. Cross Hipped Roof also offers great gutter channels underneath its base thus, precipitation and dampening of the roof can be forgotten at large.

Curved Roof

Curved roofs are one of the most popular roof designs among modern-day dwellers and homeowners. The design is predominantly exciting and can take maximum advantage of metal roofing. It provides maximum coverage and shade too big or monumental structures. If you have got a big house,you should know that a curved roof isthe most sought-after roofing pattern in the market now. The best part is, that the construction is easy and cheap and it has eco-friendly features as it reduces the emission of CO2.

Dome Roof

Dome roofs are an archaic design and are very popular among the roofing patterns because of the multiple advantages it provides to the homeowners. From igloos to the wigwams, housing styles have followed the dome-shaped roofing strategies for thousands of years. The chief advantages of this design are- that they are extremely energy-efficient, sturdy, and weather-resistant. All the Best Roof Restoration Dandenong companies would suggest dome roofs for large-sized houses.


If you are a person who strives to get maximum airflow inside the house along with a spacious attic if you are that solemn kind who loves to consider their house as their garden of Eden, the dormers roofing pattern should suit you the best. The architectural pattern of dormers is that it has an elevated window at the top which illuminates the bedroom strategically.

In conclusion, it can be said if you want to replace your roof or are looking for a proper remodeling, you may have a detailed discussion with your roof restoration services Dandenong about the roofing pattern you would like to choose.


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